Samson and Delilah

A prominent gullibility tale, and one of the few in the Old Testament thatpays much attention to the victim, is the story of Samson and Delilah (Judges,16). Samson was a vicious Israeilite warrior who has killed many Philistines. When Samson falls in love with Delilah, ““the Lords of the Philistines came to her and said […]

7 Tales of Deception in the Bible

The Bible writes about the theme of deception in several stories. Here are 7 of them. 1. Lot escapes from doomed Sodom with his wife and two daughters, buthis wife looks back and is turned into a pillar of salt. The two (unnamed)daughters, desiring to keep their father’s lineage alive, get Lot drunk andseduce him. […]

Deception in Animals

There is an idea in literature about gullibility in machined (A.I by Spielberg, Pinocchio by Collodi). Both works deal with artificial boys. The underlying message of these movies is that a machine, if it has any chance of survival, must learn to see through the double dealing of humans. Behavioral deception exists even in non-primate […]

Why Everything You Knew About The Media is Wrong

All blogs on the internet operate, more or less, under the same business model. The revenue a blog makes equals price per page-view x number of page-views. And since blogs don’t determine the price of their page views, they try to maximize the number of readers. And since, like any marketplace, blogs are subjected to […]

In Defense of Deception

Two men on a plane were talking. One man looks at the other, after being told about the problems of capitalism.. “Your criticism of capitalism is that it is 1) deceitful 2) hides truth. 1) Deceptive? Yeah, so is everything, including you. Self deception is necessary for survival, even for basic functioning. Herbert Fingarette did […]

Aristotle on Tyranny

Below is an excerpt from The History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. There is an interesting section on tyranny. A tyrant desires riches, whereas a king desires honour. The tyrant has guards who are mercenaries, whereas the king has guards who are citizens. Tyrants are mostly demagogues, who acquire power by promising to protect […]


Zeus had many children, but the cleverest one was Hermes, the God of thieves. When he was only a day old, he snuck into his brother Apollo’s (the God of Light and music) pasture and stole 50 of his best cows. He attached bark on the sole of their hooves and a broom on their […]

Appear to be Virtuous (The Prince)  

Machiavelli was suspected of being part of a conspiracy – he was tortured and placed under house arrest. That was when he wrote the Prince. This short book does not try to derive from first principles the nature of the ideal state and the qualities of a good ruler. He draws on the recent history […]