The False Dichotomy Between Fun and Meaning

In today’s society, we are constantly faced with a dilemma between fun and meaning. We are told that we must strive for success in our careers and relationships in order to find fulfillment and happiness. However, what if the true purpose of our lives is simply to propagate our genes? This is the viewpoint of […]

The Elimination of Self

According to Hobbes, human beings live in a state of nature that operates under one rule: eat or be eaten. It is this law that governs all things. There is no justice or fairness, there is merely powerful and weak. There is the will to dominate and the will to submit. And in all people, […]

The Corrupt Mind

In The Republic, there is a passage that describes what qualities a judge should be endowed with. The conversation takes place with Socrates. Socrates: ‘The best way for a doctor to acquire skill is to have, in addition to his knowledge of medical science, as wide and as an early acquaintance as possible with serious […]

How to Build Self Control?

The Power of Silence If you have ever experienced regret after an encounter with someone, where you may have said too much then you understand how easily your emotions can get the better of you. The truth is that no matter how rational you think you are, your emotions are much more powerful. When a […]

Blindly Furious Diligence

Don’t get stuck in one path for too long, especially if it gives you what you want. The most powerful form of self-deception is the one you trust the most.