Choosing What to Learn: A Personal Theory on the Order of Acquiring Knowledge

Learning is an ongoing process that begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. There is no specific order in which we should learn things, as each individual has their unique set of priorities, preferences, and circumstances that dictate what and when they should learn. However, there are certain skills and knowledge that are universally essential for personal growth, success, and wellbeing. In this essay, we will explore what we should learn and in what order to maximize our learning potential and achieve our goals.

To begin with, we need to understand that there are two types of intelligence: crystallized and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is what we know, and it continues to improve throughout our lives. On the other hand, fluid intelligence, which is the ability to learn and solve new problems, peaks in our mid-twenties and then starts to decline. Therefore, to maximize our potential for learning, we need to focus on building our crystallized intelligence.

The first thing we should learn is philosophy. Philosophy teaches us how to think, reason, and make sense of the world. It helps us develop critical thinking skills, understand ethical principles, and appreciate the value of human life. Studying philosophy exposes us to different schools of thought, diverse cultures, and alternative perspectives, which broadens our horizons and helps us become more open-minded. We can start by reading books, attending lectures, or watching videos on philosophy.

The next step is to delve into psychology. Psychology helps us understand ourselves and others better. It helps us learn how we think, behave, and relate to others, and provides insights into why we do what we do. It can also help us choose a profession that matches our mental constitution and avoid careers that do not. Understanding psychology is an essential component of self-awareness, which is crucial for personal growth and development. We can start by reading books on psychology, taking courses, or attending workshops.

Once we have a solid foundation in philosophy and psychology, we need to focus on health and wellbeing. Health and nutrition are critical for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and stress management techniques are essential for overall wellbeing. We should prioritize a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve our cognitive abilities. We can start by seeking advice from medical professionals, reading books on nutrition and exercise, or taking online courses.

After we have established a healthy lifestyle, we need to learn how to succeed in our chosen profession. This means understanding the business world, politics, and economics. We need to learn how to network, negotiate, and lead effectively. We also need to stay up-to-date with current events, understand how our industry works, and know the latest trends and technologies. We can start by reading books on business, attending conferences and seminars, or joining professional organizations.

Lastly, we need to learn how to collaborate with others effectively. This means understanding how different personalities, cultures, and backgrounds can affect teamwork. We need to learn how to communicate effectively, build trust, and resolve conflicts. Developing teamwork skills is essential for success in any organization or community. We can start by taking team-building courses, attending workshops on communication, or volunteering in organizations that require collaboration.

In conclusion, there is no specific order in which we should learn things, but there are certain skills and knowledge that are universally essential for personal growth, success, and wellbeing. We should start with philosophy and psychology, which will help us understand what we want and what we can realistically achieve. Then, we need to focus on health and wellbeing, business and politics, and teamwork and collaboration. Learning is an ongoing process, and we should continuously seek new knowledge and skills to become better versions of ourselves.

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