Kennedy’s Dictum

“It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s who people think you are.” John F. Kennedy’s father once said.

JFK and his team wanted people to think that he was a devoted family man, when he was in fact, a shameless philanderer. He was photographed as played with his children, but behind the scenes he cheater on their mother was a large number of women.

JFK was so reckless that he even shared a mistress, Judith Campbell Exner, with mob boss Sam Giancana. His friends commented on his active libido, and Jack himself offered insight into his insatiable drive, “Dad told all the boys to get laid as often as possible, I can’t get to sleep unless I’ve had a lay.”

The press at the time was amazingly compliant, and the American people had no idea what was really happening in the president’s life.

And Kennedy took full advantage. He once said, “They can’t touch me while alive, and after I’m dead who cares.”


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